Manage users

In 10Duke SysAdmin, you can create user accounts for the end users who consume licenses, for the organization administrators of your customer companies, and for your own system administrators.

Learn more about how user information is managed in 10Duke Enterprise.

View users

  1. In the left sidebar, go to IDENTITY > Users.

    The user table opens.

  2. To view a user, select them in the table. Their details open below the table.

    • The Personal Details tab shows the user’s personal details.

    • The Account State tab shows the user account validity and other settings.

    • The User Groups tab shows the user groups that the user belongs to.

    • The Organization Roles, Internal Roles, and Client App Roles tabs show the user’s roles that determine their access rights.

    • The Active license leases and Active sessions tabs show the user’s active license leases and user sessions.

    • The Custom properties tab shows any external metadata attached to the user account.

    For more information on these, see the instructions on how to edit users.

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