Edit product packages

You can edit product packages in 10Duke SysAdmin.

You can, for example, change the name of the product package, activate or deactivate it or change its validity time, or add or remove licensed items.

If you deactivate a product package, you can no longer grant licenses with it. This allows you, for example, to temporarily prevent the granting of new licenses with it without touching the validity end date.

Changes to a product package don’t affect any existing licenses that have been granted using that package.

To edit the details of a product package:

  1. In the left sidebar, go to PRODUCT CONFIGURATION > Product packages.

  2. In the table, select the product package you want to edit. You edit a product package and its licensed items in the same way as when creating a product package.

    • On the Details tab, edit the details.

      If you change the license model of the product package, select how to handle the license models defined at the licensed item level: click Yes to update the same license model to all the licensed items or No to keep their current license models.

    • On the Licensed Items tab, add and remove licensed items and edit their advanced settings.