Edit organization licenses

You can make changes to an organization’s licenses in 10Duke SysAdmin.

You can, for example, activate and deactivate licenses and change their validity time, and change the license credit, such as the number of seats.

The changes to the licenses take effect after the cache has been refreshed (within 5 minutes by default). If a user is currently consuming a license that is no longer accessible to them (for example, it’s no longer valid or you moved it to an entitlement that they’re not authorized to access), the user is able to continue consuming the license until the license lease expires or the client application tries to refresh the lease, whichever comes first.

Licenses are also updated by some other actions, such as changes to the associated license items or the license model. See more about updates to licenses.

Edit licenses in an organization’s entitlement

  1. In the left sidebar, go to ENTITLEMENTS > Organization.

  2. Click Change organization, search and select the organization, and click Confirm.

  3. Select the entitlement where you want to edit licenses.

See below how to make changes to the licenses on the Licenses tab.

Change if an organization license is active and valid

Users can only consume active and valid licenses. You can activate and deactivate licenses as needed, and change their validity dates.

You can, for example, extend or refresh a license by changing the validity end date, or deactivate a license to temporarily prevent its usage without touching the validity end date.

To change if licenses are active and valid:

  1. On the Licenses tab, select the licenses.

    A red icon next to a license indicates that it’s currently inactive or has expired.

  2. You can do the following:

    • To activate or deactivate the selected licenses, select Actions > either Activate or Deactivate.

    • To change the validity of the selected licenses, select Actions > Change validity, edit the validity dates, and click Save.

    For more information on defining the license validity, see how to grant licenses.

Change an organization license’s allowed versions

You can change which software versions end users can use with licenses.

You can only use this option with a custom license model that defines a version constraint.

To change the allowed versions of licenses:

  1. On the Licenses tab, select the licenses.

  2. Select Actions > Change allowed version(s).

  3. Edit the allowed version range or version and the display name, and click Save.

    For more information on defining the allowed versions, see how to define advanced settings for licensed items in a product package—that’s where the value for the license originally comes from.

Change an organization license’s credit

You can change the credit of licenses: the seat count, use count, and use time.


  • The credit type you can use for a license depends on the license model. For example, to use seat credit, the license model must have settings in place that restrict license use based on seats.

  • We recommend that you only use one type of credit for licenses that you have granted using the same product package.

To change the license credit:

  1. On the Licenses tab, select the licenses.

  2. Change the license credit. Only define one type of credit for a license:

    • To add or remove seats, select Actions > Grant seats. Define a positive number to add seats or a negative number to remove seats, and click Save.

    • To increase the use count, select Actions > Grant use count, define the use count to be added, and click Save.

      You cannot decrease the use count using this option.

    • To add or remove use time, select Actions > Grant use time. Select the time unit, define a positive number to add time or a negative number to remove time, and click Save.

    • To completely remove all credit for a credit type, select Actions > either Revoke seats, Revoke use count, or Revoke use time. This sets the selected credit type to zero.

    For more information on defining the license credit, see how to grant licenses.

Move an organization license to another entitlement

You can move a license to another entitlement of the same organization.

Note the following:

  • This changes the access rights to the license: it can only be accessed by the user groups authorized to access the new entitlement.

  • If the license has seat reservations or blocked seats, these are carried over to the new entitlement.

Before you start:

  • We recommend that you first review user group access to licenses in the new entitlement and make sure those are correct for the license you’re moving there.

To move a license:

  1. On the Licenses tab, select the license you want to move.

  2. Select Actions > Move licenses.

  3. Select the entitlement where you want to move the license and click Move.