Manage built-in roles

In 10Duke SysAdmin, you can view built-in roles in 10Duke Enterprise and edit their permissions. You cannot delete any of the built-in roles, nor create new ones.

We recommend that you contact the 10Duke Integration Support team before making any changes to built-in roles.

Learn more about built-in roles and how they’re used in 10Duke Enterprise.

To view and edit built-in roles:

  1. In the left sidebar, go to ROLES AND PERMISSIONS > Built-in roles.

    The built-in role table opens.

  2. To view a built-in role, select it in the table. The details open below the table.

    • The Details tab shows the basic details.

    • The Role permissions tab shows the permissions granted to the role.

  3. If needed, edit the permissions granted to the role.

    For detailed steps, see how to grant permissions to a role.