Connect client applications

In 10Duke SysAdmin, define a client application connection for each software application you want to license with 10Duke Enterprise and each third-party service you would like to connect to 10Duke Enterprise.

10Duke Enterprise supports connecting client applications using the OpenID Connect (OIDC)/OAuth 2.0 and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) protocols.

When connecting your licensed software application, you can also delegate the authentication of end users to 10Duke Enterprise. We recommend that you use OIDC to enable both user authentication and API authorization. For information on how to implement OIDC or SAML in client applications, see the developer guide.

Are you just getting started with 10Duke Enterprise as your licensing solution? The 10Duke Integration Support team walks you through the authentication setup in the evaluation phase and helps identify the best OAuth 2.0 flow for your use case.

View client connections

To view currently defined connections and set up new ones, go to IDENTITY > Single Sign-in in the left sidebar.

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