Release licenses currently in use

When a user is consuming a seat-based license, the client application may release the seat before the license lease expires, for example, when the user logs out.

In 10Duke SysAdmin, you can also manually release a license seat that is currently being consumed to make it available to other users. This ends the license lease in 10Duke Enterprise.

This may also be needed, for example, in a situation where the user’s device is broken, and you need to release their seat so that they can start consuming the license on another device.

Note: The client application is able to continue using the license token until it expires or the client application tries to refresh it. This means another user is able to start consuming the same license seat at the same time.

With licenses that have either use count or use time credit, releasing an active license lease doesn’t impact the license availability, and no credit is returned.

Note that releasing a license seat being consumed is different from releasing a seat reservation. A seat reservation only means that one seat from the license is booked for a specific user, and releasing the reservation doesn’t affect an ongoing license lease in any way.

Release a license seat being consumed

To release a license seat that an end user is consuming, whether the seat is from an organization license or their personal license:

  1. In the left sidebar, go to IDENTITY > Users.

  2. In the table, select the user.

  3. Go to the Active license leases tab and click Release next to the license lease.

With a personal license, you can also release the license seat on the user’s license table from the Edit licenses menu.

Release all seats being consumed from an organization license

To release all seats that are being consumed from an organization license at the same time:

  1. In the left sidebar, go to ENTITLEMENTS > Organization.

  2. Click Change organization, search and select the organization, and click Confirm.

  3. Select the entitlement that contains the license.

  4. Go to the Licenses tab and select the license whose seats you want to release.

  5. Select Actions > Release.