Download an organization license

You can download an organization license in 10Duke SysAdmin.

An example use case is that you have a customer whose users need to use your software offline. You can manually activate licenses leases for the users and download license tokens, which the customer can then deliver to their users, for example, on a USB drive. The user can consume the license until the token expires.

You cannot download a consumer user’s personal license in SysAdmin, but you can use the 10Duke License Consumption API to consume a license on behalf of another user and deliver the returned license token to the user. Include the parameter onBehalfOfId=<user UUID> in the license consumption call. This requires a permission for impersonation. Contact the 10Duke Integration Support team for more information.

Before you start:

  • Your client application must support taking external license tokens into use, for example, by providing a feature for importing a license token.

  • Make sure the user belongs to a user group that is authorized to consume the license. You can see a user’s user groups in their user account.

  • You need to know the hardware identifier of the device running your software application. License consumption is restricted to a specific computer or hardware based on the hardware ID you define for the token.

To activate an organization license lease for a user and download the license token:

  1. In the left sidebar, go to ENTITLEMENTS > Organization.

  2. Click Change organization, search and select the organization, and click Confirm.

  3. Select the entitlement where the license is.

  4. On the Licenses tab, select the license and select Actions > Download a license. A side panel opens.

  5. Select the user who will consume the license.

  6. In Hardware Identifier, enter the ID of the computer or hardware on which the user will be consuming the license.

    The ID must match the hardware ID of the machine on which the client application is installed and where the license token will be stored.

    For testing purposes, you can also generate an identifier here: open the Advanced section and enable the Generate Hardware Identifier toggle.

  7. Optional: In the Advanced section in Software version, define which version of the software the user is allowed to use with this token.

  8. Optional: Define how long the license token is valid.

    By default, the validity is set for offline consumption based on the license model.

    Use one of the following options:

    • Consumption mode: Select whether the user will consume the license online or offline. The license model determines how long the license token is valid.

    • Lease duration: Select the time unit and manually enter the time how long the license token is valid.

  9. Click Consume License to activate the license lease.

    The Expires field shows the date and time when the lease (the license token) expires.

    To view the license token details, open the License token information section. License JWT payload shows the fields in the JWT token.

  10. Click Download JWT to download the license token (or end the license lease by clicking Release license).

    Note: You cannot view or download the license token in SysAdmin anymore after this.

Next steps:

  • Deliver the license token to the customer and instruct them how to take it into use.

  • If you want to end the license lease before it expires, you can release the license from the user’s account.