Create organization roles

You can create organization roles per organization in 10Duke SysAdmin. Each new organization has a default organization role “OrgAdmin”.

Before you start

If you plan to use inherited permissions, make sure you have the necessary organization role templates, organization roles, or client roles available.

Step 1: Create an organization role

  1. In the left sidebar, go to ROLES AND PERMISSIONS > Organization roles.

  2. Click Change Organization, search and select the organization that you want to create the role for, and click Confirm.

  3. Select Actions > Create. A dialog opens.

  4. In Role name, define a name for the role.

  5. In Role designator (optional), define whether this new role is used by the features in the OrgAdmin tool that assign and remove organization administrator access.

    When a new organization is created, the default OrgAdmin role created for it has the designator value “orgadmin”, which links it to those features in the OrgAdmin tool. If you want the features to assign and remove this new organization role instead, enter the “orgadmin” designator here, otherwise leave the field empty.

    Note: Make sure an organization has only one organization role with the “orgadmin” designator. Otherwise their OrgAdmin features related to assigning and removing administrator access won’t work correctly.

  6. In Description (optional), write a short description.

  7. Click Save to create the role.

Step 2: Grant permissions to the role

Next, grant permissions to the role. These can be either permissions inherited from templates or other roles, or permissions that you grant directly to this role:

  1. In the organization role table, select the new role. The details open below.

  2. On the Details tab, grant inherited permissions.

    • Granted organization roles: To inherit permissions from an organization role template or from another organization role of this organization, select the template or role and click Add. To remove an inherited template or role, click Remove next to it.

    • Granted client roles: To inherit client permissions from a client role, select a role and click Add. To remove an inherited role, click Remove next to it.

    If the permissions in the inherited templates or roles are later changed, the changes also affect this organization role.

  3. On the Role permissions tab, grant permissions directly to this role.

Next steps