Get started

Get started with identity-based licensing with 10Duke Enterprise!

Get access to an evaluation environment

To integrate with 10Duke Enterprise, you first need access to an evaluation environment. Contact us to get it deployed for you.

When the environment has been deployed for you by the 10Duke Integration Support team, you have access to the 10Duke APIs and administration tools.

The Integration Support team will guide you through the process of integrating your client application(s) and other business applications to 10Duke Enterprise.

By the end of the evaluation process, you should have a pretty good idea of the capabilities of 10Duke Enterprise to confirm if it’s suitable for your requirements. You and your business can then decide if you want to buy a subscription to 10Duke Enterprise and finalize your integration to it.

Get started

Learn about the key concepts and get started:

  1. Connect your software application to 10Duke Enterprise.

  2. Set up your product configuration using the 10Duke SysAdmin administration tool.

  3. Learn how to consume licenses with 10Duke Enterprise.

  4. Create your customer organizations, user groups, and users. You can use either the Identity Management REST API or SysAdmin.

    You can also allow your B2B customers to set up their own user groups and users using the 10Duke OrgAdmin tool.

  5. Grant licenses to your customers. You can use either the 10Duke Entitlement Management REST API or SysAdmin.