Consuming licenses

When the user has been authenticated and your software application has received an OAuth access token from 10Duke Enterprise, your application can send a request to the 10Duke License Consumption API to consume a license.

Using the License Consumption API, your application can also request the renewal or release of an existing license lease.

Note: Include the authorization header in all requests to the License Consumption API.

As a response to a successful license consumption or lease renewal request, 10Duke Enterprise returns a license token.

Your client application reads the license token and uses the information to enforce the terms of the license: to grant (or deny) access to the various features and functionalities of the application that the user can access under the terms of the license.

Our recommended and the most commonly used format for the license token is JSON Web Token (JWT). This is because JWTs are signed and more secure as they cannot be modified in transit.

See how to handle and store JWT license tokens in your client application.

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