Organization and user management

10Duke Identity Management REST API allows you to make CRUD interactions with 10Duke Enterprise on data related to organizations, groups, and users, such as:

  • Create new customer organizations and manage organizations

  • Manage users and their access to organization licenses

    • Create and manage user groups of organizations

    • Invite users

    • Assign users to user groups to authorize access to an organization’s licenses

    • Retrieve information on which organizations or user groups a user belongs to

  • Manage roles and permissions for role-based access control (RBAC) in 10Duke Enterprise and client applications

    • Create and manage internal and client permissions

    • Create and manage internal, organization, and client roles

    • Assign roles to users, for example, to give them administrator access in the system or an organization

    • Retrieve information on a user’s roles

Learn more about organizations, groups, and users and about roles and permissions in 10Duke Enterprise.

Many of the actions available through the API are also available to system administrators in the 10Duke SysAdmin tool.

API base path

The API base path for the Identity Management REST API:


API reference

  • The latest API reference is available in this documentation

  • The API reference specific to your own 10Duke Enterprise deployment is available at the API base path.